Mezzaluna, Mincing Knife


Mezzaluna 7″ Double handle ,sharp chopper blade

  • 7″ Blade
  • large knob handles
  • dual handle design
  • made in Europe Portugal
  • height of 3 inches
  • very sharp blade.

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Mezzaluna, Chopper

Mezzaluna 7″ Double long comfort Handled Mincing Knife, sharp chopper blade.

The large knob handles are made in Europe Portugal of strong, durable synthetic POM (polyoxymethylene) and designed to provide a secure and comfortable grip for safe, non-slip handling. This hardened plastic is food safe and BPA free, and resists discoloration and fading from temperature changes and kitchen oils.

With a height of 3 inches, the handles are compression riveted to a full tang at both ends of the blade, which results in an even weight distribution and beautiful balance.

The dual handle design is what provides the rocking action for mincing herbs, spices, and nuts, and requires very little pressure or effort to cut smoothly and cleanly without bruising, thanks to momentum and a very sharp blade.

Fresh herbs can be chopped with ease using this half-moon (mezzaluna) shaped blade with black nylon handles.
A handy tool for any kitchen to have.

The best way is washing with warm, soapy water, a clear-water rinse, then drying with a soft cloth

A 7 -inch blade version for smaller tasks, if you are prepping smaller ingredients in a less quantity.

Made in Portugal

Additional information

Weight .300 g
Dimensions 30 × 19 × 11 cm


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