Food Ring Mold


ProSeries 4″ x 2″ Stainless Steel

  • Ideal for molding and plating food or creating layered dishes
  • Built Bakery Tough–durable 18-gauge stainless steel construction allows for long-lasting use
  • Welded and polished for exceptional performance
  • Ensures consistency and precision in your commercial kitchen
  • Easy to clean after each use Dishwasher safe


Food Ring Mold

Create delicate pastry confections with the durable ProSeries 4″ x 2″ stainless steel round cake / food ring mold. Made of sturdy 18-gauge stainless steel, this ring is built to last through daily use in your commercial establishment.

This ring is an essential versatile tool for any baker’s arsenal. Not only can it be used for baking by simply popping it onto a baking sheet, it’s also great for creating cake layers, forming food into perfectly portioned food rings, and cutting round slices. Elegant cakes, mousse, and pastries, are just a few of the treats that can be created with the help of this ring, making it a simple but effective addition to your baking routine. The ring is bottomless so that you can simply slide your pastry out with no mess, hassle, or damage to your baked goods. Its welded construction also makes for easy clean up! This ring’s smaller size also helps with consistency, plating presentations, maintaining portion control, and creating unique shapes that will wow your guests. With such versatile applications, this round cake / food ring mold is an essential piece for any kitchen and the optimal choice for bringing your sweet vision to life!

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 10 cm


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