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  • wood pot rack

    Wood Pot Rack

    Sale! $ 100.00 $ 75.00

    Ceiling Mount Wooden Pot Rack

    • Available  to hold both large and small cookware collections.
    • 33″ L x 19″ W x (approx.) 3″ H
    • comes with 6 hooks, 4 x2` chain and instructions
    • wooden frame
    • chrome metal grid
  • wood rolling pin

    Wood Rolling Pin

    $ 15.00

    Chef Style Sevy Rolling Pin

    • 17.5“x 3“
    • Rubberwood
    • Made in Thailand
  • wood simmer ring

    Wood Simmer Ring

    $ 6.00

    Simmer Ring Heat Diffuser with wooden handle

    • Maintains an even temperature
    • Suitable for gas and electric
    • Distributes heat slowly and evenly preventing boil-overs, scorching and burning
    • Protects glass cookware from cracking
    • Fries bacon flat
    • Creates a top of the cooker oven for baking and roasting


  • wooden cheese board

    Wooden Cheese Board

    $ 15.00

    Le Fromage Round Wooden Cheese Board

    • 4ocm- 12“
    • Rubberwood
    • Made in Thailand
  • wooden crepe spreader

    Wooden Crepe Spreader

    $ 7.00

    Wood Blade Crepe Spreader

    • 7 in. wide, 9.25
    • Rubberwood
    • Made in Thailand
  • wooden glass rack

    Wooden Glass Rack

    Sale! $ 20.00 $ 10.00

    Under Cabinet Wine Glass Racks

    • An Excellent Yet Economical Choice
    • 6 channel slots
    • 21.5“x 12“
    • rubber wood
    • made in Thailand
  • Wooden Rolling Pin with Upright Handles

    $ 8.00

    Made of rubberwood
    Classic handle design
    Creating a perfect round of pastry.
    The pin is lightweight, great for storage space
    A Hardwood prized for its strength, smoothness and durability.

  • wood edge cutting board

    Wood Edge Cutting Board

    $ 35.00

     Large Wood Over the Counter Edge Cutting Board

    11″x 14″x 3/4″

    • Features a unique lip that goes over the edge of your counter to prevent slipping.
    • Beautiful enough to display even when not in use.
    • Great for serving too.
    • Makes a great gift.
    • Acacia Asian wood


  • wood pastry board

    Wood Pastry Board

    $ 45.00

    Wooden Pastry Board Large rubberwood  pastry board

    Extra Large Format:     24″x 18″x 0.75″

    Suggestions: Keep one side smooth for working with dough and use the reverse side as a cutting board.If your kitchen is short on counter space, place the Pastry Board over your range top as a quick kneading surface or cutting board area! Hand wash and wipe dry.

    Not Dishwasher safe.

  • french rolling pin, tapered rolling pin, rolling pin, wood rolling pin

    French Rolling Pin

    $ 12.00

    French Rolling Pin

    • Tapered
    • Handle Free Classic design
  • fondue forks

    Fondue Forks

    $ 5.00

    Set of 6 Fondue Forks

    • package includes 6 fondue forks
    • wooden handle
  • wood serving fork

    Wood Serving Fork

    $ 3.00

     Serving Fork Cooking Utensil

    30cm (12”)L.

    Handy Serving Fork popular utensils, all made from solid  wood.  Ideal for a variety of kitchen tasks, and perfect for use on non-stick surfaces. They’re made of a natural hardwood for firmness and longevity and will slip into kitchens modern or traditional with ease. Northern China forests.

    Hand wash only.

Showing 13–24 of 42 results