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  • garlic press

    Garlic Press

    $ 15.00

    Heavy Duty Garlic Press

    • Garlic Press is perfect for the amateur or professional chef!
    • The Deluxe Self-Cleaning Garlic Press has a plate of teeth that can be pushed through the holes in the base unit, great for cleaning.
    • Heavy Duty design ensure the best quality and usage.
  • zester


    $ 7.00


    Durable Dual Stainless-Steel Zester

  • butcher cord

    Butcher Cord

    $ 5.00

    100% Cotton Butcher Cord

    • Perfect for tying and cooking meat, chicken, fish and anything else you can tie.
    • This approximately (200ft) 65 meter spool of butcher cord is very convenient when preparing your favorite meals.
    • ½ lb. Cotton Twine balls
    •  Approved for Food uses
    • Extra Heavy Grade Tying Twine
    • General Purpose Cotton Twine
    • Strong for those tough projects.
    • Recommended for; Butchers, Deli’s, industrial packaging and bundling.


  • Apple Corer

    $ 6.00

    Ergonomic handles for easy slicing. Stainless Steel blades for maximum efficiency.

    Cores and slices fruit

    Sharp, stainless steel blades make perfect slices

    Soft, cushioned handles for comfort

    Dishwasher safe

  • stainless steel spoon rest

    Stainless Steel Spoon Rest

    $ 9.00

    rest your utensils

Showing 61–65 of 65 results