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  • 40cm hardwood spoon

    40cm Hardwood Spoon

    $ 2.00

    Hardwood Spoon 40cm

    • It’s strong; this means that it can stir thick things without breaking, and it can scrape things off of the bottom of pans;
    • It’s soft; this means that, with the possible exception of nonstick pans, it’s not going to scratch the finish of your cookware;
    • It’s insulated; this means that, if you’re making candy or something else sensitive to sudden temperature changes, you’re not going to cause sudden crystallization by putting in a tool that will suck a bunch of heat out of part of your dish;
    • It has a high heat tolerance; this means that it won’t melt if it rests on the side of a pan or stirs something really, really hot;
    • It’s wood; this means that it looks nice, and also that it feels nice in the hand. For those who went through classical training and interned with someone also classically trained, there’s a good chance that they learned to cook with some wooden spoons, so there’s some familiarity and maybe a bit of nostalgia there.


  • adjustable food cooking ring

    Adjustable Food Cooking Ring

    $ 10.00

     Stainless Steel Adjustable Ring

    • Adjustable for versatility and easy release.
    • Stainless steel
    • 7-9cm diameter x 5.5cm deep
    • 2¾ – 3½” diameter x 2¼” deep
    • Dishwasher safe.
  • bottle opener

    Bottle Opener

    $ 6.00

    Sevy® Wine Bottle Opener

    • Serrated blade for removing the cork seal
    • Double leverage waiters corkscrew
    • Stainless steel


  • caffe froth bonjour

    Caffe Froth Bonjour

    $ 20.00

    Caffe Froth Monet- Stainless Steel

    • Stainless steel rods and screens
    • Borosilicate glass for superior heat retention and clarity
    • Patented frothing technology
    • Perfect for delicious cappuccinos, lattes and mochas
    • Ask NINO for replacement we have


  • Cheese Cloth

    $ 3.00

    Cheese cloth

    . 100% cotton

    . 1 yard squared

  • Cheese Slicer

    $ 12.00

      Marble Cheese Slicer

    • Height: 1″Length: 8″Width: 5″
    • 5 Lbs
    • Extra wires included
  • chrome rack

    Chrome Rack

    $ 10.00

     Rectangular Chrome Cake Cooler

    • 36x25cm/ 18’x10″
    • chrome finish
  • Chrome Rack

    $ 8.00

    Small rectangular  Chrome Cake Cooler

    • 25x21cm/ 10’x8.5″
    • chrome finish
  • chrome rack

    Chrome Rack

    $ 6.00

    Round 10″ Chrome Cake Cooler

    • 10″ round
    • chrome finish


  • chrome rack

    Chrome Rack

    $ 6.00

    Oval shape 8″ Chrome Cake Cooler

    • 10″x 8.5″ oval
    • chrome finish


  • chrome rack

    Chrome Rack

    $ 5.00

    Round 8″ Chrome Cake Cooler

    • 8″ round
    • chrome finish


  • Cooking Torch

    $ 40.00

    BonJour® Professional Cooking Torch

    • BonJour Professional Cooking Torch has a powerful flame for larger jobs and better results
    • Professional metal body
    • Adjustable temperature
    • Anti-flare system
    • Easy to fill with butane (not included)
    • Removable stand

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